Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Do You Go For Grills or Griddle?

The confusion is too wide scale and most people call either of the items the name of the other. Grills and Griddles are two very different cooking appliances. Note that there are foods that can be cooked on both the grill and the griddle.

Also note that there are foods that are better cooked on the grill than on the griddle and vice versa.

So what's the difference?
Unfortunately, not many people till today have any idea when it comes to telling the two appliances apart. Fortunately for you though, we breakdown the two appliances and will help you better understand how and why the two appliances (grill and Griddle) are different.

For starters, a grill is an appliance that has been designed to have a flat surface. The griddle is manly used for preparation of meals such as: French toast, Pancakes, Bacon and Eggs. The above mentioned meals are better cooked on a flat surface.

A griddle can be used for making vegetables and a variety of other food items. The best griddle is cast iron. The cast iron griddle is non-stick and is a better alternative to cookware appliances that have been designed with non-stick coating.

After you purchase a cast iron griddle, make sure that you put it on the stove to develop a black hue. Now you can make any meal on the griddle without having worrying that the food will stick on the griddle.

A grill on the other hand is an appliance that has been designed and manufactured with raised ridges. The ridges have been designed for two major functions: keeping the meat (steak, chicken, hamburger and any other food) from sitting in the grease.

The barbecue grill is a perfect example of a grill. Grills are great kitchen and outdoor appliances that are used in the making of Panini and various grilled sandwiches. Many barbecued food lovers use the grill to make steaks, chops and burgers since the grill leaves lines that make the food look more authentic.

Cast Iron grills are perfect for bringing the grilling experience from the outdoors to the indoors when the outdoor conditions are too harsh.

Both the grill and the griddle are popular cooking appliances. That said however, individuals that are more health conscious and have turned to cooking lean meats; a grill is the perfect appliance that will help them avoid a scenario where the food just seats in the grease as they make their meals.

A grill is a cookware appliance model designed and manufactured for use on a stove top. There are also other grill designs that have been manufactured as electric appliances for the user that wants to grill but lives a hectic schedule.

Manufacturers are now producing grill/griddle combo units that helps the user access appliances that give them the option of grilling or griddling with numerous interchangeable or adjustable cooking plates.